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Using WayPoint's High Volume Account Report to Increase Profit

Randy MacLean, President — WayPoint Analytics

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Waypoint's newest addition to the reporting suite could be the most important tool we've created yet. The High Volume Account report can be used to quickly enhance your sales profit generation by showing you the most highly leveraged profit opportunities for your sales force to work on.

With a quick glance at the High Volume Account report, you can easily segment your accounts into three important categories.

•High Value Accounts

•High Potential Accounts

•Profit-Draining Accounts

How can this be revolutionary for your sales force?

First, you'll be able to recognize true high value accounts, and your company can provide a higher-level of service for these all-important customers. After all, these are the accounts that generate extraordinary profitability and an extraordinary amount of sales commissions.

Second, there is opportunity living in your high potential accounts—opportunity to fine-tune these accounts and turn them into high value accounts. These accounts generally generate above average gross profit dollars or cash flow but are not efficient in their operations. This can be an easy fix by combining orders and shipments.

The third area that the sales force can tackle in order to increase profit generation is to work on turning the profit-draining accounts into high potential accounts, or perhaps even letting these accounts go. While this seems counterintuitive, when linked with the acquisition of another, high value or high potential account, the hit is easily absorbed, and actually preferable.

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