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Measure & Manage Op Cash - The Vital Skill Every Executive Needs

Randy MacLean, President — WayPoint Analytics

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Operating cash, or gross profit, is the core of strategic planning for your business. This is the cash left over after you've procured and paid for the product. Operating cash is the cash you have available to run your operations and provide your bottom line profit, and optimizing it is one of the most important things you can do to drive your profit rates up in a long-term sustainable way.

Most business who have not focused on analytics run with as many as 60% of their invoices losing money. Companies at the top of the pack have been able to get this number down to 50 percent or 40 percent. The most successful companies in the world have reduced their losing invoices to under 40 percent.

Increasing your cash flow not only magnifies profits, but guarantees your security by eliminating the need to borrow If you're ready to outperform your competitors, and industry projections, WayPoint has the data you need to put operating cash at the center of your super-growth strategy.

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