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Growing as a Salesman: How to Become #1

Barry Wright, Director Grosvenor USA — Grosvenor Training

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The most fundamental thing to realize as a salesperson is that your goal is to help the customer. Make sure you're delivering them real value, and the sales will come as a result. To train yourself as a salesman, the objective is to answer the question "what can I do that's going to be helpful to the client?"

Study the customer, and to figure out what their priorities are. How can you make the customer better at THEIR job? How can you improve their profitability? All these things will influence their ability to buy from you. The more you work on these skills, the closer you'll come to finding the key to your own success.

When trying to find ways to deliver these things, new salespeople are in a fortuitous position. The sales game is changing so rapidly that all the old players are as much of a student as you, so everybody is on a relatively even playing field. You aren't starting behind your competition, because there are new opportunities available today that never have existed before. If you can identify and capitalize on those, you have the chance to become #1.

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