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2020 Q1 Executive Brief - New Strategies

Randy MacLean, President — WayPoint Analytics

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In the first executive brief for the 2020s, you'll hear about possibilities for the economy, and how to reset for a fresh look at the strategies and tactics that can put your company in the lead — permanently.

The session covers:

- outlook for the economy in 2020

- areas to focus in for 2020 gains

- attributes of super-profit companies

- customer profit-value segmentation

- sales dashboard and sales priorities

- G2E metric (return on expenses)

- raising the customer experience

- provoking thoughts for action in 2020

This session is packed with ideas for changing your game in 2020.

Audio file: 2020Q1-ExecBrief.mp3

Downloads: 2020Q1-ExecBrief.pdf