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Transitioning Into a High-Performance Company

Randy MacLean, President — WayPoint Analytics

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You can have a breakout year if you focus your team on the right things. In this session we'll cover the critical dynamics that unleash the real potential of your team and your business, highlighting the little-known tools used to drive the process. This is the core of a success strategy that can deliver a durable advantage and sustained profit gains, starting right now.

This is a must-see session for leadership and management teams to view together, getting a shared vision of what to do and why. For real rapid results, make this the beginning of an extended session where your team can absorb the ideas, then continue privately to develop an action plan specific to your challenges and opportunities.

The session will give your team a new perspective from which to view the business, and common framework for setting priorities and judging what's in and what's out when deciding how to approach challenges and opportunities. This will certainly bring fresh ideas into your planning, and give you new opportunities to excel in your market.

Audio file: TransitionToHP.mp3

Downloads: TransitionToHP.pdf