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eCommerce 2023, # 8

Bruce Merrifield, President — Merrifield Consulting

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Migrating to New Selling Models for 2023. This webcast is about changing field sales models for '23 and how to migrate to them. "The sales force won't like this" is the single biggest stumbling block that most distributors have for pursuing any meaningful changes.

1) Solving the - "Reps Won't Like (any of) This"- problem

2) Review of E-Selling Model Imperatives, Options

3) Guidelines for Tailored Solution For Each Rep

4) Calculating a Risk of Defection Number/Rep

5) Using Net-Profit Lens. Downsize, Upgrade?

Audio file: Bruce_eCommerce_Webinar-8.mp3

Downloads: Bruce_eCommerce_Webinar-8.pptx