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eCommerce 2023, # 7

Bruce Merrifield, President — Merrifield Consulting

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Net-Profit Analytics Plays – IV

Bruce Merrifield presents key Analytic Tools & Concepts required to win in the new economic playing field.

1) Types of Big GM$ Accounts

2) All have measurable friction. Pinpoint with 15 Deep-Dive Lenses

3) Customers Ranked by (losing) Picks

4) Biggest Loser Analysis/Solution

5) Worst, small loser: analysis/solution

6) JIT Delivery of Paper Clips: Solution

More Support Concepts:

1) New, Rep: Ed., Skills, Incentives, Support

2) Price-Judo into Partnership Path pitch

3) Need for 3-4 Customer-Centric, Selling Models

4) Enterprise Selling: 9-steps, McDonald's Example

Audio file: Bruce_eCommerce_Webinar-7.mp3

Downloads: Bruce_eCommerce_Webinar-7.pptx