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eCommerce 2023, # 4

Bruce Merrifield, President — Merrifield Consulting

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Amazon and other digital disruptors excel at spot-needs buying, but will struggle at offering customized, integrated, sole-supply solutions. What should brands and distributors do about their most net-profitable SKUs/orders being web-roomed on a spot-buy basis? In this webcast, Bruce Merrifield presents specific plays that can be implemented by Distributors.

Net-Profit-Analytics Plays I

1) How GM$s/FTEE is a 4-win metric

2) CEO takes #1 account to next level

3) Fixing 3 types of losing customers

4) Beef best SKUs; Fix Losing Ones

5) Big Rebate Suppliers: New Angles

Audio file: Bruce_eCommerce_Webinar-4.mp3

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