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C-19 Paradigm Change: Getting to the "new normal"

Bruce Merrifield, President — Merrifield Consulting

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The C-19 pandemic has popped the global, bubble economy. The just-in-time, supply chains and economies loaded with too much debt are all disrupted. Most of the global economy is locked-down. How will the New Normal economy emerge? No one knows. Guesses abound. Bruce Merrifield presents adjustable, downsizing plans for - best, likely and worst – case scenarios. In parallel to C-19 challenges, don't forget to be inventing winning "digital models" by 2023. B2B e-buying was ascending before the pandemic. Now, C-19 necessities are teaching everyone how to use and like virtual interactivity and buying.

Two Downsizing Methods: Chain-Saw v DURRR. The chain-saw technique? Use your financials to do what has worked in the past: even though present challenges are unique. Cut: all discretionary spending; all forward investment; and all operating-costs as fast as - sales, margin dollars and profits - fall. Then, sell harder (the same way) and be tough with channel "partners" in the - zero-sum, win-lose concession struggles. Or: DURRR? Use net-profit analytics (with a cost-to-serve model at the line/pick/sku level).

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