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eCommerce 2023, # 1

Bruce Merrifield, President — Merrifield Consulting

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Embracing New Paradigm Thinking

How does a brave, visionary leader get all employees to – see, understand, believe and want to pursue – significantly new ways of competing? New paradigms are often rejected, not embraced.

In this first installment of his eCommerce 2023 series, Bruce Merrifield presents the challenges of embracing new paradigm thinking. Some of those include:

1. Human biases minimize the challenges and possibilities at hand

2. A Cloud Ecommerce shift is here. Rethink necessary, big changes going forward.

3. Paradigm changes have happened before. We can do this one. Hear the call to action!

Audio file: Bruce_eCommerce_Webinar-01.mp3

Downloads: Bruce_eCommerce_Webinar-01.pptx